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«I don’t eat car­casses or any­thing pro­duced by them!» said a fel­low­stu­dent, refus­ing a treat I offered her. Before I had the chance to say any­thing, she added: «I’m vegan!» and that was the end of the conversation…

While googling strict veg­ans, I real­ized that the term defines peo­ple who choose a lifestyle which pro­hibits the use of ani­mals or ani­mal prod­ucts in diet, cloth­ing etc. Con­se­quently, ani­mal prod­ucts such as meat, fish, poul­try, honey, eggs as well as dairy prod­ucts are excluded from these people’s plate.
Fur­ther­more, veg­ans don’t use prod­ucts made by fur, wool, leather, feath­ers etc. They fol­low a strictly veg­e­tar­ian diet for the sake of phys­i­cal and men­tal health, and also for envi­ron­men­tal, reli­gious, or per­sonal rea­sons. What’s more, the 1st of Novem­ber has been estab­lished as the World Vegan Day, dur­ing which sev­eral events and cam­paigns for ani­mals» rights and envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion are held. Behind this lifestyle there is a whole phi­los­o­phy and ethics regard­ing longevity and love for mother-​nature and the envi­ron­ment.
«All well and good», I thought while fin­ish­ing my research, «but why some­one would choose this strict way of life? What are the inner motives?» Then it hit me: «Why do I fast? Is it because of some phi­los­o­phy or is it just a nutri­tion lead­ing to longevity?«
Then I remem­bered Jesus» words I would often hear as a lit­tle girl in church: «How­beit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fast­ing». Fast­ing from food and the desires of the flesh, along­whith our prayers and spir­i­tual con­flict give us the strength to fight the devil and resist temp­ta­tions with the grace of God. We fast on Wednes­day and Fri­day in order to remem­ber how grate­ful we should be to our Lord for His suf­fer­ing and bear­ing the cross for our sal­va­tion. We abstain from eat­ing spe­cific food for a cer­tain period of time as a means to be spir­i­tu­ally pre­pared for a great event…
So, while some peo­ple cel­e­brate the 1st of Novem­ber by fast­ing from «car­casses» in the name of a healthy diet, we start fast­ing in mid Novem­ber for the Birth of Him who came to earth to save each and every­one of us. He came and he is still com­ing as our real father, to save us, to trans­form us from sin­ful dead slaves to reborn humans in flesh and spirit. The phys­i­cal fast­ing for the birth of Christ help us spir­i­tu­ally. Since we put flesh aside, we can indulge in prayer, Bible study, the giv­ing of love and spir­i­tual war­fare so as to truly cel­e­brate Christ­mas. Now that the Christ­mas Lent is about to start, let’s fast with joy, pray with clean heart, and exer­cise love towards all in order to receive the new­born Lord in our heart.

Ο καθένας μας, όσο μικρός κι αν είναι, είναι μεγάλος για τον αιώνιο Θεό.


Έλα να πλοηγηθούμε μαζί! Να πλοηγηθούμε μαζί στην Ελπίδα που χαρά ζει. Και γιατί ζει χαρά και χαράζει τώρα και στο διαδίκτυο; Γιατί είναι ωραίο όταν πλοηγούμαστε να μοιραζόμαστε! Να μοιραζόμαστε τις σκέψεις μας και τις εμπειρίες μας για πρόσωπα που μας εμπνέουν, για γεγονότα που μας προβληματίζουν, για βιβλία που μίλησαν μέσα μας αλλά και για να ανταλλάζουμε ιδέες για παιχνίδια, κατασκευές, παρουσιάσεις και πολλά ακόμη θέματα. Καλώς ήρθες!

Έλα να πλοηγηθούμε μαζί

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